inspiration from nature's simple beauty, with a modern sensibility.

These are the ingredients in each tommasomade piece.

Tommasomade objects for the home are made with carefully sourced local hardwoods from the urban forest. Each piece of wood is individually selected for its natural and unique appearance. It is then meticulously worked by hand to create a functional object that highlights the beauty in each piece of wood. Every finished object gets branded with a maker’s mark and treated with a long-lasting, all-natural finish to help protect the wood’s character. Custom project requests are always welcome.


The original Tommasomade kitchen boards.

Tommasomade kitchen boards make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. Each kitchen board is hand-crafted from a single piece of locally sourced hardwood.

Candle Boards

New orignals from Tommasomade

Tommasomade hand-crafted candle boards are made from the same locally sourced hardwoods as Tommasomade kitchen boards. Each candle board is one of a kind and custom made.


Original designs from Tommasomade

Tommasomade tables are made from locally sourced and sustainably collected hardwoods. They can be made in any size. Each table is one of a kind and custom made.


Original designs from Tommasomade

Tommasomade seating can be made as stand-alone pieces or created to match an accompanying table. Each piece is one of a kind and custom made.